Annual staff conference: costs?

Amy Bearman

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22 Sep, 2014 11:25

Hi all,

I am presenting to the Board the idea of us holding an annual staff conference, which comes in at around £30 per head (including venue hire, lunch, travel costs, 3 course meal, music and awards). 

I know I am going to be asked "how much per head and how does this compare to other organisations". Is anyone willing to share how much you pay per person for an annual conference?

With many thanks

  • Keith

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    22 Sep, 2014 12:14

    £30 per head is very cheap - are you sure everything is included for this type of event?

    Have seen these things escalate into the tens of thousands

  • Amy Bearman

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    22 Sep, 2014 12:27

    Hi Keith, thank you for coming back to me.

    After researching hotels and being quoted tens of thousands, we have chosen to run our event at a local college, which sounds odd I am sure. I think they are just venturing into this as a way of bring in revenue so yes it is cheap! 

    At my last company it was £100 per head and I was looking for more than one benchmark to throw into the mix when trying to get them to agree.  


    With thanks


  • Lesley

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    22 Sep, 2014 13:14

    Seems very good value. Never thought of using a local college but sounds like a good idea - cheaper than a hotel for sure!

    Have definitely spent closer to £100 per head before. 

  • Amy Bearman

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    22 Sep, 2014 13:21

    Thank you for your feedback Lesley, holding an event at a college is a fantastic idea, well worth consideration for your next event!
  • David Perry

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    22 Sep, 2014 20:57

    Very cheap compared to the banking sector I'd guess.
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