HR Shared Services SLA Template


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18 Dec, 2014 11:24

Im working for a new start up business within a large global organisation. We are setting up offices across the world are are hoping to utilise the HRSS within the group across the various countries to support on a local level.

 However they dont have a standard SLA contract/template so we are unsure what we will get for our money. Plus without this how can we manage the service?

 Can anyone please assist with providing me with a template I can use/amend so it meets our requirements.

  • Rosemarie

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    18 Dec, 2014 13:14

    Most SLAs of this kind are commercial documents are not for sharing.  However, the best way to design an agreement is for you to state clearly what you need and the measures that you will use to determine that the services have been delivered to an agreed standard and time.
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