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 We're committed to providing a solid L&D offer to our 68 employees but are unsure about what is an acceptable amount of study leave to include in our policy.  Anyone got any experience/thoughts please?
  • Hi Claire. We provide 5 days study leave and time off for exams and graduation ceremonies.
  • Lesley

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    22 Jan, 2015 10:36

    I would suggest it may depend on the type of course or qualifications that someone is looking to do and how that may be of use to the business.

    For example, trainee accountants may have a huge number of exams and study to complete over a long period of time, so might require quite a lot of study leave, but someone doing a one off project management course like PRINCE 2 may have a week of intense study, but if they passed the exam at the end of the week they might not need any further time off that year. 

    I would suggest your policy is flexible depending on learning and business needs with someone designated to approve time off, rather than setting a specific number of days.

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