What comes after the Ulrich model?

Good afternoon, I am a research adviser at the CIPD, I focus my research on HR operating models.  With a background from Consulting and practice I have had the pleasure in looking at how the HR function will structure itself in the future.

 Dave Ulrich did not actually invent the Ulrich model and it was never intended to be the appropriate model for all organisations.  Most organisations say they have implemented the Ulrich model but  have applied the original model differently in their organisational setting.   

What are the challenges in structuring the HR function?  What might the HR model of the future look like.

Please read my blog post and read the collection of thought-pieces from lead academic, consultant and practitioners.  I would love to understand how you have structured your HR functions, what's working well and what is not working well. Please enter the debate via responding to this post, commenting on the blog post, or tweeting using #changinghr 




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