Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Updating specialist knowledge and skills based on progress within the field and learning through practice.

  • I'd like to understand what will happen to the votes, and why we're voting as opposed to debating.  

  • The duty to adapt to technical progress is a statutory one. Continuous Professional Development demonstrates that activity at a personal level.  You only ave to look at HR and Society progress in the last 10 years to realise how dangerous it is to fall behind.

  • we're still experimenting with the new forum and there's an option to debate and vote on each one; I am happy to start a new forum thread if that's easier? The reason we wanted the votes are to see the level of interest in each of the elements and it's really interesting to see how 'situational judgement' and 'CPD' have the most. The team here are really interested with the feedback so far...

  • Not enough emphasis on behavioural competencies in this CPD definition:  practice doesn't always give the opportunity to develop necessary competencies, sometimes specific learning interventions are necessary such as targeted behavioural feedback, 360 appraisals, coaching and so on.

  • Practical knowledge and updating ones skills in HR enhances the business and keeps it ahead of its competitors.

  • Regular update of knowledge is a must for our self and for organisation too

  • We need to ensure that we learn something new everyday whether through reading, research or on the ground!

  • More than ever in our frenetic world!

  • Anonymous

    Leading from the front on this within organisations, to encourage other sectors who do not have a framework to adopt