Situational Judgment

The ability to derive practical insight applicable to specific circumstances.

  • I agree with situational judgement being part of the 'professional' skill set. I do think it could be worded in a more accessible way in terms of how it is described.

  • what would your suggestion be?

  • I agree with situational judgement it will help more skill.

  • Providing 'practical insight' is not necessarily 'professional': Perhaps something like: in order to provide a resolution of the issue' or: 'derived from knowledge and expertise'. something more is needed. Ideas?

  • To provide value-add practical insights that are relative to roles, I would suggest most HR Professionals need to have a rounded business knowledge, a keen sense of data analytics and huge amount of relationship / stakeholder skills.

  • We know that HRM is both a science and an art and as such; HR professionals must be able to solve problems using evidence- based approaches or tecniques but also, they constantly model their practice to specific situations or circumstances. This, I think requires that one is able to generate insights from other experiences, skills or sources.

  • It is not necessary that we should have a practical insight of the situation. sometime without the practical insight too due to our potential of thinking ability we have to take situational judgements

  • Anonymous

    We face many wide and varied situations in the people business, therefore our judgement in each goes to the heart of our professional and personal credibility.

  • To penetrate intuitively into a situation is a must have skill, to be naturally intuitive helps.