Perspective - Be multi-lensed

An HR professional must be a keen observer of the status quo. Understanding the context and then accurately contextualizing a situation is one of the most important characteristics that an HR professional must have.The ability to stay loyal towards pre agreed principles but switch lenses in looking at a situation is what makes the HR professional. While priorities within organisations may be competitively positioned to enable strong functional capability, an HR professional must enable the organisation to function with the least transactional cost in order to deliver the organisation's goal.

  • This brings real credibility.

  • It will require a lot of initiative and good people management to achieve these goals

  • If HR maintain the status quo, then surely we will not strive to develop new ideas and ways of thinking?

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    Being able to keep an open mind and suggest adaptive ways forward, which are realistic as well as ethical is a key activity for HR professionals who will be managing an even wider range of needs as the working population continues to age.