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2 Mar, 2015 12:42


Please can someone advise.

I recently started at a new company and the HRM went on Maternity Leave pretty much as soon as I started.

We have an employee handbook which is very loosely written. 

However there are only 4 actual full policies. (sickness, Mat & Pat and Drug & Alcohol)

Do we need to have a full policy for each item in the hand book?

Thank you for your guidance in this matter





  • No, just a general gist and some say "please refer to the full policy for further details". It should be a snap shot. I don't even want to think about how big our handbook would be if every full policy was in it! Ouch!
  • Hi Karen, I can supply a copy of text for a Drugs and alcohol policy which includes testing requirements. I can also help if you want any testing done either in urine samples or hair samples. Or go to www.esg.co.uk and search for drugs and alcohol testing.
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