Benefits of CPD

How CPD benefits you

The benefits of CPD aren’t felt just when you’re going for promotion or upgrading to Chartered membership. Many employers now value ‘learning agility’ as a core competency.

  • Build confidence and credibility; you can see your progression by tracking your learning.
  • Earn more by showcasing your achievements. A handy tool for appraisals.
  • Achieve your career goals by focussing on your training and development.
  • Cope positively with change by constantly updating your skill set.
  • Be more productive and efficient by reflecting on your learning and highlighting gaps in your knowledge and experience.

How CPD benefits your organisation

As organisations shift the responsibility for personal development back to the individual, the ability and insight to manage your own professional growth is seen as a key strength.

  • Helps maximise staff potential by linking learning to actions and theory to practice.
  • Helps HR professionals to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives, for training activity to be more closely linked to business needs.
  • Promotes staff development. This leads to better staff morale and a motivated workforce and helps give a positive image/brand to organisations.
  • Adds value; reflecting it will help staff to consciously apply learning to their role and the organisation’s development.
  • Linking to appraisals. This is a good tool to help employees focus their achievements throughout the year.

CPD Podcast

The world of continuing professional development (CPD) is changing. Organisations and professional institutions are increasingly shifting their emphasis from classroom-based learning and compulsory hours or units to a much more personalised, flexible and informal approach. 

This podcast takes a closer look at CPD in the HR profession, exploring the benefits and challenges of a voluntary system, how it compares to other professions, the opportunities it offers for the individual and the organisation and ultimately, how CPD can contribute to building and maintaining the HR profession as a whole.

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