Learning & Development Show Conference

Build learning into the core of your organisation

Using learning as tool to support people and businesses is no longer enough. In a fast-changing and increasingly digital world of work, learning and development needs to be placed at the core of our organisations to drive people and enable real growth.

This year’s Learning & Development Show will focus on all the elements that will help you build a learning-centred culture and learning-driven organisation. From talent development, digitalisation, and self-directed learning, to science of learning, coaching, and leadership development – the 30 sessions in the programme will give you the chance to build your own bespoke conference focusing on your needs.

The different formats will allow you to learn the way you learn best. You can attend our inspirational Masterclasses to hear from high-profile authors and thought leaders, learn from the best learning and development Case Studies, or explore new cooperative-learning styles in our Workshops and Interactive sessions. Finally, don’t miss our new How To sessions – specifically designed to help you develop the most up-to-date learning and development skills and capabilities, and become a more effective learning professional.

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