CIPD Learning and Development Show 2017 - Conference Presentations

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Some presentations may be missing because slides were not used, or the speaker chose not to distribute their presentation.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

A1 Innovating and Upskilling the Learning Organisation
A2 Moving from Appraisals to Coaching and Continuous Feedback
A3 How to Run Successful Webinars to Add Value to Your Organisation
B1 The Psychology of Coaching
B2 Using Technology to Support Collaborative Learning
B3 How to Enable Networked and Reciprocal Learning at Work
C1 Learning and the Future of the Professions
C2 Developing High-Value Apprenticeship Schemes to Build your Talent Pipeline
C3 How to Design the Physical Environment to Encourage Learning and Collaboration
C4 Practical OD - building change capabilities
D1 Creating Agile Workforces to Thrive in Uncertainty
D2 Embedding a Culture of Learning to Increase Performance and Productivity
D3 How to Create the Conditions for Continuous Learning Beyond the Classroom
D4 Unlocking Your Potential to Drive a Learning Organisation
W1 Delivering Content to Create an Effective Brain-Friendly Learning Approach

Thursday 11 May 2017

E1 Decision-Making under Pressure
E2 Aligning Learning to the Needs of Your Organisation
E3 How to Produce Impactful Videos and Learning Content
F1 Making Learning Analytics Work
F2 Transitioning from Face to Face to Digital Learning
F3 How to Develop Self-Awareness for Better Leadership
G1 Building Trust in Leadership
G2 Designing a Future-Fit L&D Strategy to Support Long-Term Growth
G3 How to Design Brain-Friendly Learning within your own Organisation
G4 Successfully Introducing Microlearning within your Organisation
H1 Reorganisation - Getting it Right
H2 Upskilling your Line Managers to have Effective Coaching Conversations
H3 How to Gamify Your Learning to Make it More Impactful
H4 Developing a Powerful L&D Brand
W2 Developing Talent within your Learning Strategy