CIPD Ireland HR Awards 2017


Recognising Excellence in HR

CIPD Ireland HR Awards 2017 - banner image for page 300x250We're delighted to launch the CIPD Ireland HR Awards 2017. This is a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate excellence in HR in Ireland today. The awards will highlight the strategic role that HR is playing across a number of key areas and contributing to the success of the organisation as well as creating better work and working lives.

The categories for 2017 are:

How to enter

Be part of the annual CIPD Ireland Awards. We want to hear how your HR team is contributing to the overall success of the organisation as well as creating better work and working lives.

So explore the categories, download your entry form and send us your application before 30th November 2016!


Excellence in HR Leadership

This award recognises HR leadership that has demonstrated excellence and impact across the organisation to achieve business success. Entrants will highlight their innovative and unique approaches to addressing business issues and providing a sustainable solution that contributes to the success of the organisation.

This entry will illustrate teamwork, a willingness to challenge and a strategic approach to HR/L&D with a quantifiable contribution to organisational achievements. It will demonstrate collaborative working across organisational boundaries along with operational excellence in execution. There can be evidence of upskilling, development and modernisation of HR to align with the needs of the organisation.

Employee Empowerment and Trust

This award recognises organisations that have embedded, or are seeking to embed, a culture of trust and empowerment, a culture that enhances the engagement, well-being and contribution of employees in working towards the success of the business. This culture will be part of what the organisation values, and will be embedded in how it innovates and operates on a day-to-day basis. The employee voice and proactive measures will be part of making the workplace inclusive, empowering, a place where people feel respected and developed and want to contribute to the best of their ability. Evidence should show how the culture and a shared approach has had a positive impact on the performance of the organisation as well as on the employee experience.

Talent Management

This award recognises creative and effective talent attraction, retention and management strategies. Entrants are likely to be working towards an organisation-wide talent pipeline that takes into account current and future needs. They will have collaborated widely on talent management strategies in areas such as recruitment, succession planning, skills and competence building, managing performance and developing a strong and attractive employer brand. Entrants are encouraged to show evidence of how the talent management activity has benefited the business and met business objectives, how it has supported organisational agility, and the impact it will have on meeting future business objectives.

Organisation Development/L&D

This award will be looking for entries that demonstrate a strong link between organisation development activity and achieving business goals. Successful entrants will demonstrate an organisational culture that promotes learning and development, coaching, managing performance, innovative approaches to change and work design, as well as encourages feedback and openness on development needs. Entrants are encouraged to illustrate how their approach has taken not only the business needs into consideration, but also the employee experience and voice in the roll out of new developments. Entrants will give a clear description of the business objectives that prompted the development need, shaped the approach, and explain how effectiveness was measured.

Use of Technology in HR and People Management

This award will recognise how technology in the widest sense has been used to enhance the employment experience and deliver enhanced people management and HR services/ practice. The technology will have achieved specific benefits for the organisation while at the same time allowing greater participation, ownership and involvement by employees. Entries can involve use of technology in any facet of HR and people engagement/development, including sourcing, selection, performance management, employee engagement, learning and development, reward, employee self-service and HR management.

Diversity and Inclusion

This award recognises organisations that are moving the diversity and inclusion agenda forward, are breaking new ground and overcoming resistance, making change happen, and how this has benefitted employees and the business.

Entrants will be addressing important challenges in the workplace, including under-representation of certain groupings, fairness and impartiality in relation to reward, flexibility, access to promotion and learning & development opportunities. Entrants will have created an inclusive culture by challenging inequalities, barriers and bias in the development and application of recruitment and selection and people management activities.

Embedding a culture of workplace well-being

This award recognises organisations which place employee well-being centre stage within the organisation and have embedded a strong culture of workplace well-being. Successful entries will demonstrate an understanding of the holistic nature of employee health and well-being. Entrants will be ensuring that leadership, culture and people management capability and practices are supportive of employees' physical and mental well-being at work. As well as describing the work undertaken and the rationale for the approach adopted to support health and well-being, entrants need to provide clear evidence of the positive impact, and improvements in engagement and performance.


How to Enter and the Judging Process

Find our more, download your entry form and send us your application before 30th November 2016!