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Last Modified  22 December 2016
How to handle progressive or changeable disabilities at work
Organisations need to be flexible and reactive when dealing with MS  
Last Modified  20 December 2016
Clergyman lawfully denied NHS job because of same-sex marriage, says EAT
Church was entitled to block his chaplaincy under discrimination rules  
Last Modified  16 December 2016
Why organisations should be thinking about apprenticeships in 2017
A new levy will apply to all large companies, including those without apprentices  
Last Modified  15 December 2016
Healthcare assistant’s dismissal for alleged patient mistreatment was unfair, says EAT
Employer should have gathered further evidence due to the seriousness of the allegation  
Last Modified  13 December 2016
Reforming employment tribunals: new government proposals
Will the use of case workers and online technology streamline the process?  
Last Modified  12 December 2016
Brutal post-Christmas party assault was not employer’s fault, says High Court
But organisations need to careful about employees’ actions ‘in the course of employment’  
Last Modified  09 December 2016
Corporate governance green paper: implications for HR
Focus on executive pay and employee voice indicate growing role for the function  
Last Modified  08 December 2016
Gender pay gap reporting: private sector regulations finalised
Which rules have changed and how should organisations respond?  
Last Modified  06 December 2016
Why restrictive covenants must be fit for purpose
Learning the lessons from recent case law  
Last Modified  05 December 2016
Handling disciplinary procedures when a dispute, stress and suspension are involved
Football club story has lessons for employers  
Last Modified  02 December 2016
Managing benefits when salary sacrifice arrangements are cut
Health insurance, gym membership, and mobile phones provided under these schemes will need a re-think  
Last Modified  01 December 2016
HR strategy implications from the Autumn Statement
What’s changed and what should organisations be doing about it?  
Last Modified  29 November 2016
‘Manifestly inappropriate’ final written warning made dismissal unfair, says EAT
Employers need sound reasons for a lawful misconduct termination  
Last Modified  28 November 2016
‘Soft’ pressure, not legal requirements, could put workers on boards
Consumers and shareholders likely to push for greater diversity at the top  
Last Modified  25 November 2016
Why HR needs to know about new EU rules on data protection
Employment policies should be revised to reflect tighter restrictions  
Last Modified  24 November 2016
Workers are entitled to rest breaks even if they don’t ask for them, says EAT
Case closes loophole in working time regulations  
Last Modified  22 November 2016
Enhanced redundancy pay preferred by larger organisations, survey finds
But confidence that schemes remain discretionary could be misplaced  
Last Modified  21 November 2016
Helping mothers of premature babies manage their leave and return to work
Is a change in maternity law also needed, as campaigners maintain?  
Last Modified  18 November 2016
Wearable technology at work: why HR needs to get involved
Organisations must manage the legal risks of using interactive gadgets in people management  
Last Modified  17 November 2016
Why the government’s Supreme Court appeal could delay Brexit
Three top tips on what to do now to reassure EU employees  
Last Modified  14 November 2016
Employment status case goes against a rising tide of ‘worker’ decisions
District judge was an ‘office holder’ and not entitled to whistleblower protection, says EAT  
Last Modified  11 November 2016
Why staff should be reminded to think before they post
Corrie Street actor’s dismissal highlights social media risks facing employers  
Last Modified  10 November 2016
Why staff transfers to the EU are likely to get harder post-Brexit
Employers should expect more restrictions and higher costs  
Last Modified  08 November 2016
Why employers should carry out an equal pay audit
Finding out the real situation now could avoid trouble in the future  
Last Modified  07 November 2016
Disciplinary procedures under the spotlight in banking certification regime
HR teams will be under increased pressure to get processes right  
Last Modified  04 November 2016
Artificial intelligence: managing the impact on a workforce
Could robots be guilty of harassment, and will their employers be legally responsible?  
Last Modified  03 November 2016
Why the Uber tribunal judgment is important for ‘gig economy’ employers
Organisations need to check their own arrangements for potential claims  
Last Modified  01 November 2016
Employment status should be focus of government review, say employment lawyers
How can the UK provide its workforce with greater ‘flexisecurity’?  
Last Modified  31 October 2016
Gay marriage cake case has lessons for all employers
Genuinely held religious beliefs do not trump other equality rights  
Last Modified  28 October 2016
Workplace sexual harassment: how employers in Europe must respond
Italian and German law specifies written warnings, compulsory relocation and dismissal  
Last Modified  27 October 2016
Work permits back on the agenda for future EU workers
But short-term tightening of immigration thresholds more likely than wholesale change  
Last Modified  25 October 2016
Rise in discrimination claims highlights risks from ‘invisible’ disabilities
Employers should encourage disclosure of mental health issues  
Last Modified  24 October 2016
Why employers should eradicate ‘locker room talk’ at work
Organisations appealing to millennials need gender-neutral camaraderie  
Last Modified  21 October 2016
Implications for employers from Asda’s equal pay case
First stage ruling should prompt thoughts on gender pay reporting  
Last Modified  20 October 2016
Decluttering employment procedures while managing legal risks
How to free up HR time to focus on core strategic objectives  
Last Modified  18 October 2016
Campaign for paid compassionate leave for bereaved parents
Will employees gain an entitlement to take two weeks off?  
Last Modified  17 October 2016
How a well-thought-out dress code can reduce the risk of discrimination claims
Practical tips on keeping the policy up to date and appropriate  
Last Modified  14 October 2016
Top tips for accommodating breastfeeding at work
Communication is key to helping maternity leave returners  
Last Modified  13 October 2016
Results-based commission must be included in holiday pay, says Court of Appeal
The latest ruling in the Lock case confirms previous tribunal judgments  
Last Modified  11 October 2016
Why it’s worth organisations checking the employment status of their workforce
Bogus self-employment is increasingly likely to be challenged  
Last Modified  10 October 2016
How the Trade Union Act 2016 will change the rules on industrial action
Will the legislation actually reduce the incidence of strikes?  
Last Modified  07 October 2016
Father wins discrimination claim for unequal pay during shared parental leave
Do employers need to pay the parent sharing the leave the same as the mother?  
Last Modified  06 October 2016
Bigger role for HR teams in senior managers’ ‘fitness and propriety’ regime
New mandatory references are being introduced for the banking and insurance sector  
Last Modified  04 October 2016
Foster carers consider mounting test case on ‘worker’ status
But proving they have an employment relationship could be difficult  
Last Modified  03 October 2016
Dealing with employees whose commute is disrupted by strikes
How should businesses deal with staff unable to get to work through no fault of their own?  
Last Modified  30 September 2016
Top tips on combatting slavery in organisational supply chains
HR can use statement requirements to showcase positive action  
Last Modified  29 September 2016
Making the most of hiring from competitors
Getting the contract right will benefit both the business and the recruit  
Last Modified  27 September 2016
Employee’s claim ruled out of time following solicitors’ closure
Appeal tribunal decided regulatory intervention did not justify an extension  
Last Modified  26 September 2016
How to respond to the tougher regime on illegal working
And what to do if employees are discovered not to have a ‘right to work’  
Last Modified  23 September 2016
Zero-hours contracts can strengthen employment when used correctly
But latest rise may require more intervention to prevent abuse  
Last Modified  22 September 2016
Bogus job applicants are not protected by equality law, says European court
Latest decision confirms earlier UK appeal tribunal approach  
Last Modified  20 September 2016
Remote working can be a mixed blessing for both employers and employees
But setting clear ground rules and treating employees fairly will help employers avoid the risks associated with unconventional working arrangements  
Last Modified  19 September 2016
Departing employee convicted of taking client records before joining rival firm
Employees risk both criminal prosecution and civil action for unlawful use of information belonging to employers  
Last Modified  16 September 2016
New rules will require public sector workers to speak fluent English
But employers must decide how much fluency is needed for each role and how to assess this  
Last Modified  15 September 2016
Call for German-style employment rights to tackle pregnancy and maternity discrimination
Dismissal would be allowed only in exceptional cases.  
Last Modified  13 September 2016
Long-term pay protection for disabled employees can be a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act
But what is reasonable depends on the circumstances of each case  
Last Modified  12 September 2016
Expat entitled to bring claim under UK employment laws
Strong connection to the UK can override general rule that place of work determines which laws apply to employees  
Last Modified  09 September 2016
Low shared parental leave take-up is due to pay rate, says research
Should employers be enhancing SPL pay to match maternity schemes?  
Last Modified  08 September 2016
Workers on boards and caps on executive pay move up the HR agenda
What's next for UK employment law?  
Last Modified  06 September 2016
Practical tips for handling complex cases of potential misconduct
Is it fair to discipline volunteer Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey?  
Last Modified  05 September 2016
Preparing for gender pay gap reporting: public sector organisations
Employers should be planning their compliance strategies now  
Last Modified  02 September 2016
Scrapping bonuses ahead of mandatory gender pay reporting
What issues should employers bear in mind?  
Last Modified  01 September 2016
How to manage employees during pregnancy and maternity leave
Four golden rules for supporting mothers-to-be and those returning to work  
Last Modified  30 August 2016
Forthcoming tribunal decisions database increases risk of reputational damage
Employers should avoid knee-jerk reactions when deciding how to respond to claims  
Last Modified  26 August 2016
What to do when staff are subjected to campaigns of abuse
Employers can ask for a court injunction to stop the harassment if necessary  
Last Modified  25 August 2016
Refusing female train driver’s flexible working requests was sex discrimination
But will knock-on effect on male drivers prove to be a justification?  
Last Modified  23 August 2016
Agency workers can make whistleblowing claims against end-users
EAT clarifies how contract terms determine employer liability  
Last Modified  22 August 2016
Gender pay gap reporting rules to be extended to the public sector
BBC and Channel 4 to be caught by the new regulations  
Last Modified  19 August 2016
Protected conversations: first EAT decision
How to make best use of the pre-settlement confidentiality rules  
Last Modified  18 August 2016
Choosing the right contract for apprentices
New funding arrangements are not the only issue for employers  
Last Modified  16 August 2016
Tribunal case shows problems can arise from the ‘gig economy’
Uber drivers claim entitlement to basic employment rights  
Last Modified  15 August 2016
Legal update: key areas to keep an eye on
Employers need to stay on top of forthcoming employment law changes  
Last Modified  12 August 2016
Tailoring social media policies to catch Pokémon Go
Key tips on what needs to be included  
Last Modified  11 August 2016
HR must not influence disciplinary outcomes, says EAT
Summary dismissal case echoes Ramphal judgment  
Last Modified  09 August 2016
Key points to consider when hiring EU nationals pre-Brexit
How to deal with the risk of discrimination claims  
Last Modified  08 August 2016
How to handle bullying at work
Managing allegations sensitively and confidently is critical  
Last Modified  05 August 2016
Safety statistics show workplace deaths are not going away
Organisations need top-down commitment to protecting staff and preventing accidents  
Last Modified  04 August 2016
How EU workers can strengthen their immigration position pre-Brexit
Taking simple precautions now could help protect organisations’ workforces  
Last Modified  02 August 2016
Why Scotland’s employers face unique Brexit employment challenges
Dependency on EU workers is particularly acute in some sectors  
Last Modified  01 August 2016
UK needs radical reform of protection for whistleblowers, says report
Employers may want to settle claims if suggested changes are implemented  
Last Modified  29 July 2016
Employers and employees can ask tribunals not to make proceedings public
Case involving celebrity sex misconduct allegations shows how privacy orders work  
Last Modified  28 July 2016
How to re-integrate brain-injured employees in to a workplace
Assessment, adjustment and ongoing discussions are essential to the process  
Last Modified  26 July 2016
Practical tips on managing workforce change post-Brexit
Organisations need to look after those remaining if redundancies are needed  
Last Modified  25 July 2016
Pushing the boundaries of the equality legislation to breaking point
How far can the definition of ‘religion or belief’ stretch?  
Last Modified  22 July 2016
Court interpreters’ race claim against the Ministry of Justice fails
Contractors working regularly for one client were not protected against discrimination  
Last Modified  21 July 2016
Steps for dealing with tricky time off work situations
Managing dependants’ leave, frequent absences and disciplinary meeting ‘sickies’  
Last Modified  19 July 2016
Why tackling anxiety and stress at work makes good business sense
Three simple steps to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace  
Last Modified  18 July 2016
Requiring an employee to remove Islamic headscarf was discriminatory
Latest EU opinion conflicts with previous view on dress code ban  
Last Modified  15 July 2016
Responsibility for IR35 to shift from freelances to end users
Proposed rules could create tax liabilities for public sector organisations  
Last Modified  14 July 2016
Banning Brexit discussions at work may be valid
Employers need to avoid offending both customers and employees  
Last Modified  12 July 2016
EU court confirms convalescence may force holiday carry over
Case highlights difference between directive and UK working time regulations  
Last Modified  11 July 2016
Acas code does not apply to ‘some other substantial reason’ and ill-health dismissals
EAT clarifies when employers could face an uplift in a tribunal award  
Last Modified  08 July 2016
Getting auto-enrolment right
Employers need to plan early and keep the regulator in the loop  
Last Modified  07 July 2016
Why a positive approach to trade union relationships makes sense
Employers’ procedures that are free of discrimination work best  
Last Modified  05 July 2016
What not to wear: why open dialogues on dress codes work best
How to draft and implement an appropriate work clothes policy  
Last Modified  04 July 2016
Saying ‘no’ to holiday requests
How clear procedures can make difficult conversations easier  
Last Modified  01 July 2016
Nigerian domestic servants lose race discrimination case
Nigerian domestic servants lose race discrimination case  
Last Modified  30 June 2016
Why employees working longer hours may be bad news for employers
EAT finds expectation to work late is a PCP in disability discrimination law  
Last Modified  28 June 2016
Employment laws affected by the UK’s exit from the European Union
Which of the current rules are likely to change?  
Last Modified  27 June 2016
Supreme Court confirms reinstatement order for Scottish fingerprints expert
Case shows why a return to the same job is unusual in successful unfair dismissal claims  
Last Modified  24 June 2016
Case law shows talking about disabilities at work is the best approach
Communication is key to making the right adjustments  
Last Modified  23 June 2016
Why it sometimes makes sense to settle a tribunal claim
Employers should carry out a cost-benefit analysis of each case  
Last Modified  21 June 2016
Cap on public sector exit payments due this autumn
What will the regulations mean in practice?  
Last Modified  20 June 2016
Tribunal throws the book at City Link for failing to consult over redundancies
Employers must consult staff representatives at the earliest opportunity  
Last Modified  17 June 2016
Global maternity policies can boost retention of women workers
Employers should consider setting minimum standards despite differences in national laws  
Last Modified  16 June 2016
New data protection regime will be backed by tough penalties
Employers need to plan how to demonstrate compliance  
Last Modified  14 June 2016
Early conciliation is helping to resolve employment disputes
But study finds some employers unwilling to negotiate  
Last Modified  13 June 2016
Dismissing Christian who refused to leave her husband was discrimination
EAT decision seems to protect a belief in the sanctity of marriage  
Last Modified  10 June 2016
Case raises issues on supporting transgender employees at work
Effective equality measures start with good communications  
Last Modified  09 June 2016
BBC’s preferences for One Show presenter come under the spotlight
Incident highlights difficulties of encouraging diversity while avoiding discrimination accusations  
Last Modified  07 June 2016
EU headscarf 'opinion' problematic for UK courts
Legal view on Islamic dress at work case at odds with Eweida judgment  
Last Modified  06 June 2016
Retail gender pay case could spawn copycat claims
First large-scale private sector equal pay hearing due soon  
Last Modified  03 June 2016
How to accommodate Ramadan in the workplace
Employers should consider Muslim employees’ needs during this time  
Last Modified  01 June 2016
Be ready for Euro 2016
Employers need to manage employees’ time off for football matches  
Last Modified  31 May 2016
Why PILON clauses can be useful in executive contracts
Managing CEO’s notice periods can shrink severance sums  
Last Modified  27 May 2016
Ten top tips for managing the people aspects of TUPE
How to avoid employment transfer headaches  
Last Modified  26 May 2016
Voluntary overtime should be included in holiday pay calculations, says tribunal
But questions remain over how regular the additional work has to be  
Last Modified  24 May 2016
Creating wriggle room in staff handbooks, policies and procedures
Why employers should ensure they get the wording right  
Last Modified  23 May 2016
Football club assistant manager awarded damages for losing first team duties
Constructive dismissal claim succeeds in the High Court  
Last Modified  20 May 2016
Wasting state money comes up for assessment in discrimination tribunal
Is a belief in the proper use of public sector funding protected in law?  
Last Modified  19 May 2016
High heels row prompts Parliamentary petition for law change
Employers may find their own dress codes coming under increased scrutiny  
Last Modified  17 May 2016
Managing employees on the autistic spectrum in the workforce
Staff with atypical neurological conditions may need reasonable adjustments  
Last Modified  16 May 2016
Disabled employee dismissed for angry outbursts over wheelchair access
EAT orders further consideration of his disability and unfair dismissal claims  
Last Modified  13 May 2016
HR executive fails to prove entitlement to pension rights was contractual
Judge rules those involved knew verbal promises needed to be documented  
Last Modified  12 May 2016
A single employment court could be made to work, says legal profession
Employment Lawyers Association urges employers to join the debate  
Last Modified  10 May 2016
Bike courier challenge could pave the way for more employment status claims
How to draft freelance contracts accurately and stay out of court  
Last Modified  09 May 2016
Government calls for views on non-compete provisions in employment contracts
Could the UK follow California in banning these clauses from employment contracts?  
Last Modified  06 May 2016
Questions to be answered over the collapse of the BHS pension scheme
Do the Pensions Regulator’s powers require an overhaul?  
Last Modified  05 May 2016
Striking the right balance in response to the National Living Wage
Ways to stay within the law when compensating for the new rate  
Last Modified  04 May 2016
Employers should be wary of rule changes for Sunday shop workers
Devolution plans dropped but increased opt out protections remain in new legislation  
Last Modified  29 April 2016
Court of Appeal decides employer could not impose new absence management rules
Warnings and dismissal trigger points in the staff handbook were contractual  
Last Modified  28 April 2016
Footballer was discriminated against because of his cancer
Employers need to take steps to keep the right side of the Equality Act  
Last Modified  26 April 2016
Reform of disability law needed, says House of Lords report
Class actions, new code on reasonable adjustments, and dual discrimination claims are among recommendations  
Last Modified  25 April 2016
Employers should avoid the ‘nuclear option’ when changing terms and conditions
Junior doctors’ strikes show why negotiating contract variations is preferable  
Last Modified  22 April 2016
Views my own’ disclaimer won’t protect disreputable company tweets
Employers need a social media prevention and response strategy to avoid liability  
Last Modified  21 April 2016
Restrictive covenant in a 19 year-old employment contract was unenforceable
High court says clauses must be appropriate to an employee’s role  
Last Modified  19 April 2016
Salary thresholds for experienced Tier 2 migrants will rise to £30,000 by April 2017
Employers need to plan now for immigration changes from this autumn  
Last Modified  18 April 2016
Born-again Christian’s religious discrimination and harassment claims fail
Trying to convert a Muslim colleague to Christianity was misconduct  
Last Modified  15 April 2016
Strikes bill meets tough opposition from the House of Lords
Wales and Scotland reject government’s public sector measures and unions threaten legal action  
Last Modified  14 April 2016
Transatlantic and EU regulation changes move data protection up the HR agenda
Employers need to plan now how to manage proposed new regimes  
Last Modified  12 April 2016
Employer not liable for direct discrimination in stress case
EAT decides disability played no part in local authority’s dismissal decision  
Last Modified  11 April 2016
Why employers should not get ‘right to work’ checks wrong
And how to avoid common mistakes leading to tougher sanctions  
Last Modified  08 April 2016
Research finds three quarters of women experiencing pregnancy discrimination at work
But does the government’s response go far enough to tackle the issue?  
Last Modified  07 April 2016
The five most common employer excuses for discrimination disputes
And top tips to avoid making the same mistakes  
Last Modified  05 April 2016
Increased role for HR in the new financial services senior managers regime
Banks’ business partners will need to check staff act with ‘skill, care and diligence’  
Last Modified  04 April 2016
Banking industry signs up to voluntary charter on gender pay gap
Data produced could be more powerful than state reporting regime  
Last Modified  01 April 2016
Gender pay gap reporting criticised by parliamentary committee
But could business need drive change in organisations instead of government interventions?  
Last Modified  31 March 2016
Pulling a sickie may justify a misconduct dismissal
But employers must carry out a reasonable investigation first  
Last Modified  29 March 2016
Glasgow bin lorry enquiry raises issues about driver safety in employment
Employers should carry out pre-employment checks on fitness to drive  
Last Modified  24 March 2016
Top issues for employers from the budget 2016
The national living wage, apprenticeships and shared grandparental leave  
Last Modified  22 March 2016
First Bribery Act conviction shows why HR needs to be involved in fraud prevention
Policies, recruitment, induction and training are all crucial to lawful business conduct  
Last Modified  21 March 2016
Why rugby pitch ‘banter’ should remind employers to check procedures
Employees need to know they must treat each other with respect at work  
Last Modified  18 March 2016
Salary sacrifice childcare voucher schemes are ‘remuneration’ for maternity leave purposes
Government guidance is “not a proper basis for decision making in the courts”, says EAT  
Last Modified  17 March 2016
How to handle an employee who fails to turn up for work
What should employers do when faced with ‘ghosting’?  
Last Modified  15 March 2016
Minimum wage, redundancy pay and unfair dismissal compensation caps rise
But statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, and shared parental pay stays stay the same  
Last Modified  14 March 2016
Working time regulations put under the spotlight by junior doctors’ strike
Why it pays for employers to avoid burning out their employees  
Last Modified  11 March 2016
Employer is liable for employee attacking a customer, says Supreme Court
Petrol station assistant’s ‘inexcusable’ actions were closely connected to his job  
Last Modified  10 March 2016
Disciplinary procedures: dealing with multiple allegations
Why handling each issue separately might avoid an unfair dismissal  
Last Modified  08 March 2016
April deadline for new law on legal highs
How should employers deal with substance abuse at work?  
Last Modified  07 March 2016
France may make ‘switching off’ a legal right
Could a UK employer discipline holidaying employees for refusing to answer work emails?  
Last Modified  04 March 2016
Brexit’s effect on national employment law may be limited
But employers would be spared costly and long-winded referrals to the European court  
Last Modified  03 March 2016
Why employers have much to lose in contesting the wrong cases
How to decide when to fight and when to settle a claim  
Last Modified  01 March 2016
Rules on gender pay gap reporting are out for consultation
But what should HR professionals be doing now to prepare for this new duty?  
Last Modified  29 February 2016
Commission must be included in holiday pay, says EAT in British Gas v Lock
But uncertainty is likely to continue on exactly how employers should calculate it  
Last Modified  26 February 2016
Financial services rules broaden approach to whistleblowing
The self-employed, agency workers and contractors can all report wrongdoing  
Last Modified  25 February 2016
Tupe can still apply where a commercial dispute has stopped the work
EAT looks at ‘service provision change’ rules in contract retendering case  
Last Modified  23 February 2016
How to manage maternity for mothers at a more senior level of their career
Employers need to grapple with different legal and practical issues  
Last Modified  22 February 2016
Public sector exit payments set to change from 1 April
Will the rules keep costs down but drive talent to the private sector?  
Last Modified  19 February 2016
Car accident warehouse worker was disabled and needed ‘reasonable adjustments’
Case indicates ‘normal activities’ can include lifting heavy loads at work  
Last Modified  18 February 2016
Draft regulations on mandatory gender pay reporting published
What will the new rules mean for employers?  
Last Modified  16 February 2016
Employee fails to prove lower bonus was ‘irrational and perverse’
Contractual rules permitted employer to treat colleagues differently  
Last Modified  15 February 2016
Lessons to be learnt from the Starbucks dyslexia case
Tribunal finds ‘no knowledge of equality issues’  
Last Modified  12 February 2016
Employer should have intervened in trade union dispute, says Court of Appeal
Favouring a recognised union led to unlawful treatment of an employee  
Last Modified  11 February 2016
Failing to provide childcare vouchers during unpaid maternity leave could be discrimination
Employers should check their own schemes for potential problems  
Last Modified  09 February 2016
New financial services whistleblowing rules could apply in other sectors
How formalising arrangements can guard against malpractice and claims  
Last Modified  08 February 2016
Legal challenge may force change to procedure on spent convictions
Claimants say legislation means minor offences 'could never be cleared from their record'  
Last Modified  05 February 2016
Hiring and firing ‘at will’ versus unfair dismissal protection
What are the main differences between US and UK employment law?  
Last Modified  04 February 2016
Looking after employees’ wellbeing includes providing the right financial information
But employers’ duty to inform should stop short of giving advice  
Last Modified  02 February 2016
How to use employee handbooks to minimise workplace risk
And why failing to keep it updated could make it a liability rather than an asset  
Last Modified  01 February 2016
Why employers should not turn a blind eye to discrimination in the workplace
Legal fees, damages, and loss of reputation mean prevention is better than cure  
Last Modified  29 January 2016
Immigration officer accepting £200 bribe was gross misconduct, rules tribunal
Anti-bribery policy helped employer defend unfair dismissal claim  
Last Modified  28 January 2016
Online employment court could hear claims in future
HR needs to keep tabs on possible ‘seismic change’ in dealing with cases  
Last Modified  26 January 2016
Director over 50 claims age discrimination when denied voluntary redundancy
Age-related retirement pay-out of £500,000 skewed restructuring decision  
Last Modified  25 January 2016
Cost of employing non-EU staff likely to rise for UK businesses
Advisory body recommends raising thresholds for Tier 2 migrants  
Last Modified  22 January 2016
Requiring staff to only speak English at work can be lawful
But employers need to demonstrate strong business reasons for doing so  
Last Modified  21 January 2016
How annual appraisals can help performance management
Getting it right improves motivation, getting it wrong risks claims  
Last Modified  19 January 2016
Employers may soon find it harder to employ non-EEA employees
Further restrictions on Tier 2 migrants and intra company transfers expected  
Last Modified  18 January 2016
Implications of human rights decision on Yahoo ‘snooping’ case
Can employers now read employees' private messages if sent from work?  
Last Modified  15 January 2016
Withdrawal of job offer after adverse verbal reference was disability discrimination
Appeal tribunal finds both former and prospective employers liable  
Last Modified  14 January 2016
Stopping employees speaking their first language at work could be race discrimination
But requiring the whole workforce to speak English may be justifiable  
Last Modified  12 January 2016
Acas paper suggests fresh approach to tackling workplace bullying
HR formalising complaints can make resolution more difficult  
Last Modified  11 January 2016
Constructive dismissal not an easy option for employees
Employer’s poor treatment needs to be ‘really serious’ for a successful claim  
Last Modified  08 January 2016
Big employment law issues for smaller employers in 2016
What SMEs should look out for in the coming year  
Last Modified  07 January 2016
‘Winter blues’ could be a disability requiring reasonable adjustments
Checklist for dealing with seasonal affective disorder  
Last Modified  05 January 2016
How the UK’s immigration policy will affect business in 2016
New rules will make it harder for employers to rely on migrant workers  
Last Modified  04 January 2016
Top employment law issues for 2016
New year brings fresh challenges for business  
Pros and cons of extending statutory maternity pay to 52 weeks
Could this lead to more discrimination claims for employers?  
Rail operator loses court challenge over industrial action
But will government legislation stop these strikes happening in the future?