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Survey reports

Downloadable CIPD survey reports for 2011 analysing employee attitudes and outlook.

Employee outlook winter 2011-2012

 (929 KB)
Last Published: 03 Feb 2012
This quarterly survey of employee attitudes includes a new employee engagement index made up of responses to a questions integral to understanding employees' engagement levels.

Employee outlook autumn 2011

 (502 KB)
Last Published: 07 Oct 2011
This edition of the CIPD quarterly report shows that employers should guard against complacency in the war for talent even when opportunities for employees to take their skills elsewhere are reduced.

Employee outlook summer 2011

 (474 KB)
Last Published: 05 Aug 2011
This edition of the CIPD quarterly survey report of employee attitudes shows that employees are relegating job satisfaction to second place behind pay and benefits as the rising cost of living bites.

Employee outlook spring 2011

 (346 KB)
Last Published: 06 May 2011
This edition of CIPD's quarterly survey of employee attitudes looks at job satisfaction, employees' attitudes towards managers, the economic downturn, pressure at work, work–life balance and job-seeking.