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Survey reports

Downloadable CIPD survey reports for 2013 analysing employee attitudes and outlook.

Employee Outlook - focus on pay and pensions - winter 2013-14

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Last Published: 17 Feb 2014
This CIPD Employee Outlook survey report explores the issues around employee attitudes to pay, work attitudes and pensions. The survey was based on the responses of 2,683 working adults, across all industrial sectors and carried out between 19 December 2013 and 7 January 2014.

Employee Outlook - focus on culture change and patient care in the NHS - autumn 2013

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Last Published: 06 Sep 2013
The CIPD, in partnership with the Healthcare People Management Association (HPMA), commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey of employees working in the healthcare sector in the UK to find out their attitudes to working in the sector, the values in National Health Service organisations, trust within the health service, and culture change to improve patient care in the NHS.

Employee Outlook - focus on employee well-being - autumn 2013

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Last Published: 06 Oct 2013
CIPD research has consistently highlighted the importance of focusing on employee health and well-being for sustainable performance. This report identifies the overarching themes that have emerged during the last four years and examines whether employees are feeling under pressure, presenteeism (going to work when ill) and what organisations provide for employees in terms of support.

Employee Outlook - focus on trust in leaders - autumn 2013

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Last Published: 06 Oct 2013
This focus report explores whether trust is spoken about within organisations, the current state of trust in leaders, how this compares with trust in others within the organisation (such as colleagues and line managers), and how important trust is when selecting senior managers. The conclusion of the report discusses the practical implications of the findings.

Employee Outlook - autumn 2013

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Last Published: 06 Oct 2013
The lastest Employee Outlook survey, produced in partnership with Halogen, has found that job seeking intentions are at their highest since spring 2011. A new section in the survey explores employees' perceptions of their performance management processes and progression opportunities and motivations.

Employee Outlook - focus on rebuilding trust in the city - summer 2013

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Last Published: 07 Jun 2013
Employees in the financial sector tell us about the cultures in which they work and efforts being made to restore trust in their industry.

Employee Outlook - spring 2013

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Last Published: 06 Aug 2013
Findings of this quarter's survey highlight that high engagement levels in the voluntary sector are driven by open and honest management teams and cultures of mutual trust and respect.

Employee Outlook - focus on apprenticeships - spring 2013

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Last Published: 01 Mar 2013
Explores parents' views of apprenticeships and the value and potential for apprenticeships to be regarded as a genuine alternative to university.