Managing age diversity

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Survey reports

Downloadable CIPD survey reports for 2014 analysing issues relating to managing an age-diverse workforce.

Managing an age-diverse workforce: employer and employee views

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Last Published: 03 Mar 2014
This report explores some of the key issues of managing an age-diverse workforce. Some encouraging findings are that both HR professionals and employees recognise the benefits that age-diverse teams can bring to businesses and particularly highlight knowledge-sharing and the diverse perspectives this brings.

Age diversity in SMEs: reaping the benefits

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Last Published: 04 Aug 2014
The CIPD and the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives have worked together to explore the experiences of and attitudes towards age diversity in the workplace in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The findings in this report show that the majority of SMEs (61%) are focusing their attention on recruiting a mixture of ages, indicating that this trend of an age-diverse workforce in SMEs is set to continue. Almost nine out of ten SME employers surveyed agree that the knowledge and skills of older workers are highly valuable. However, 34% provide no support for the extension of working life and almost half (46%) report that their organisation has no activities in place to ensure access to enough skilled and diverse people of all ages.