Forthcoming legislation

Employment law dates at a glance

Last Modified  29 September 2016

See the forthcoming legislation in-depth page for more information on these new statutes and amendments.

7 September 2016

New financial sector whistleblowing rules take effect.

Autumn 2016

Gender pay gap reporting regulations expected to be approved by Parliament

1 October 2016

National minimum wage rates increase (see Statutory rates)

October 2016

Public sector exit payments regulations enforcement expected (postponed from April 2016).

6 April 2017

Apprenticeship levy due to take effect.

April 2017Gender pay gap reporting regulations expected to come into force (first reports likely to be due by end of April 2018).
September 2017

30 hours' free childcare becomes available for 3 and 4-year olds in working families.

30 April 2018

First gender pay gap reports to be published by organisations with 250 or more employees.

April 2018

Tax changes to termination payments due to take effect