Statutory rates


Last Modified  19 December 2016

Compensation limits

From 6 April 2015
From 6 April 2016
Limit on guarantee payments£26
Limit on a week's pay for calculating redundancy and unfair dismissal basic award£475
Maximum basic award for unfair dismissal and statutory redundancy payment (30 weeks' pay subject to the limit on week's pay£14,250
Minimum basic award for dismissal on trade union, health and safety, occupational pension scheme trustee, employee representative and on working time grounds only£5,807
Maximum compensatory award for unfair dismissal£78,335
Minimum compensation for employees excluded/expelled from trade union£8,868
Contract claims (if a claim for breach of contract (eg wrongful dismissal) is brought in an employment tribunal, compensation is capped at £25,000. If the claim is for more than £25,000, it can be made in the county court or high court£25,000

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Family friendly payments

PaymentsFrom 5 April 2015From 3 April 2016
Statutory shared parental pay (ShPP)
Statutory rate or 90% of employee's weekly earnings if this is lower.
Statutory maternity pay (SMP)
First six weeks - 90% of employee's average weekly earnings. Remaining weeks at the statutory rate or 90% of employee's weekly earnings if this is lower.
Statutory adoption pay (SAP)
Statutory rate or 90% of employee's weekly earnings if this is lower. (First six weeks - 90% of employee's weekly earnings - from 5 April 2015).
Statutory paternity pay (SPP)
Statutory rate or 90% of employee's weekly earnings if this is lower.

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Statutory sick pay

PaymentFrom 6 April 2015From 6 April 2016
Statutory sick pay£88.45£88.45

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National minimum wage

AgeFrom 1 April 2016From 1 October 2016From 1 April 2017
Workers aged 25 and over (National Living Wage)£7.20 an hour£7.20 an hour£7.50 an hour
Workers aged 21-24£6.70 an hour£6.95 an hour£7.05 an hour
Development rates for workers aged 18-20£5.30 an hour£5.55 an hour£5.60 an hour
Young workers rate for workers aged 16-17£3.87 an hour£4.00 an hour£4.05 an hour
Apprentices under 19, or over 19 and in first year of the apprenticeship£3.30 an hour£3.40 an hour£3.50 an hour

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Disclosure and barring fees

Enhanced DBS check£44
Standard DBS check£26
DBS adult first check£6
Registration application£300
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National insurance contribution thresholds

£ per week (unless stated)2015-20162016-2017
Lower earnings limit, primary Class 1£112£112
Upper earnings limit, primary Class 1£815£827
Upper secondary threshold for under 21s (from April 2015)£815£827
Primary threshold£155£155
Secondary threshold£156£156
Class 2 rate£2.80£2.80
Small earnings exception (replaced by Small profits threshold from 6 April 2015)£5,965 pa£5,965 pa
Special Class 2 rate for volunteer development workers£5.60£5.60
Class 3 rate£14.10£14.10
Class 4 rate lower profits limit£8,060 pa£8,060 pa
Class 4 rate upper profits limit£42,385 pa£43,000 pa
NB Employer NICs will be abolished for apprentices under 25 earning below £827 from 6 April 2016.