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What's HR-inform for?
HR-inform is an online service designed to save time and money while ensuring you stay legally compliant and following best practice. As an organisation this means that your HR department can focus on long-term strategy without having to worry about day to day HR activities.

  • Create and maintain an up-to-date employee handbook with HR-inform's policies and model documents Quickly check employment processes by using the checklists and flow charts. Their format is ideal for time-stretched HR departments
  • Reduce time spent on routine administration with ready-prepared documents
  • Improve effectiveness of standard procedures such as recruitment by saving time on routine documentation
  • Train line managers to deal with issues such as disciplinaries and absences by using step-by-step flowcharts
  • Plan for HR initiatives and interventions, as well as everyday activities, by using the calculators (eg work out redundancy payments, staff turnover rates and absence rates)
  • Use and customise the model letters and forms in your own organisation
  • Clear up common employment law misconceptions: the clear, uncluttered style of presentation means HR-inform can help bust myths quickly
  • Be prepared for questions on new legislation and case law - HR-inform identifies the key issues and facts for the subscriber through the HR calendar, future development sections and the employment law e-newsletter
  • Get expert employment law advice by calling the HR-inform legal advice line and save money on additional fees
How can HR-inform help?
  • Manage any HR-related issue with HR-inform's comprehensive coverage of employment law, learning and development, pay and benefits, employee relations, absence management and employee well-being
  • Prepare for and carry out key interviews (eg discipline, grievance, selection and performance management)
  • Avoid costly discrimination cases (there are no limits on the amount of compensation payable in discrimination cases)
  • Know how to offer and manage family rights/obligations
  • Avoid pitfalls in offering contracts (eg continuity or PILON clauses)
  • Understand new legislation in comprehensible terms (eg Equality Act 2010 and Fit notes)
  • Provide information on good practice to improve profits and productivity through better employee engagement
  • Write your own policies with Policy design tips, eg introducing a reward policy
  • Know how policies and procedures should change to reflect law, good practice and future changes to the law
  • Manage the consequences of sudden and unexpected developments, eg erupting volcanoes or adverse weather conditions
  • Develop strategic plans eg managing absence due to sports events or a flu epedemic
  • Maintain a good corporate reputation by avoiding open litigation
  • Manage difficult situations, eg involving 'competing' religious beliefs or reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
  • Understand complex areas, eg data protection and transfer of undertakings.
How can you save money?
  • The single source saves you time and money on understanding, interpreting and collating a myriad of other free and paid-for sources
  • Get the sequential steps right first time with checklists and flowcharts
  • Understand levels of compensation and damages, and make risk assessments about exposure to litigation with confidence
  • Avoid employee relations disputes
  • Avoid using potentially expensive lawyers and external consultants
  • Avoid litigation
  • No need to buy new editions of books and journals
  • Risk of breaking the law is minimised, eg hiring immigrant workers
  • Provides practical application, eg settlement agreements - shows their scope and limitations
  • Reduce costs - eg by having sickness absence and capability policies
  • Using the HR calculators means basic statutory financial decisions are made using definitive guidance
  • Be a proactive employer, eg by having 'well-being' and stress avoidance strategies
Who should use HR-inform?
  • Anybody - it is user-friendly and the site is easy to navigate.
  • HR-inform supports all areas of HR, not just employment law.
  • HR Administrators and Managers can access and download documents and make controlled versions available for line managers and other staff