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Up to date information on employment law
Keep up-to-date and informed about employment law and upcoming legislative changes.

A round up of forthcoming legislation and statutory rates are located in one place for quick and easy access. The Employment law section, written and updated by a number of legal contributors , provides information on a range of topics listed in the order of the employment lifecycle - from recruitment through to retirement.

The Overview tab provides a summary of the topic's key points and flags up any future developments on the horizon.

The In-depth tab provides you with more detailed information and what legislation you need to be aware of in order to be compliant in the workplace.

The Related cases tab lists out relevant court cases, grouped by issue, so you can see how the courts are interpreting employment law, and the 'Notes for employers' section interprets the potential implications of the case outcome for you and your organisation.

In the Q and As section, questions are posed that deal with an specific issue relating to the topic and we provide a legal response demonstrating the impact that particular case law on how employers should react to situations in the workplace.

A new Case law section, enables you to keep an eye on new cases coming through. The cases are listed in date order and goes back to 2012.
Guidance on how to implement employment legislation in the workplace and follow best practice
It's one thing to know your employment law but it's another thing to know how to implement it. HR-inform'sHR in practice section can help.

'How to' guides provide you with guidance on how to implement the legislation in the workplace and include links to all of the relevant model documents and when to use them.

Policy design tips set out what you need to consider when you are putting together policies and procedures from scratch, for example, putting together a discipline policy

Case studies illustrate how HR issues have actually been dealt with in real organisations.

Workplace scenarios provide you with examples of how other organisations have handled difficult situations, such as discrimination, employee relations and capability issues.

Legal advice line: Sometimes a situation is too specific or you just want to double check that you're being legally compliant. As a subscriber to HR-inform, you're entitled to 6 calls a year to our legal advice line run by RBS Mentor Services (03 330 431 218).
Templates and tools to save you time and effort
Once you know the law and understand how to apply it, it's just a question of implementation. We have developed a number of templates and tools to help save you time and effort.

We have over 900 model documents and policies which are all downloadable and customisable. Just find the one you need, open it up, switch the logo from ours to yours, tailor the document and you're ready to send or circulate. It's as simple as that!

Our HR calculators are another time saving device. Whether you need to use a redundancy calculator or maternity pay calculator, the HR-inform calculators do all the hard work for you.

Our Benchmarking tools are based on CIPD survey data and look at recruitment costs, fixed and variable pay, training budgets, training hours, cost and rate of absence and labour turnover. You can use these tools to benchmark your organisation against other organisations of a similar size and operating in the same sector.

The interactive Flowcharts take you step-by-step through a range of HR procedures. You can test out different scenarios and print out your own workflow.

A range of tick-box Checklists are available to help you consider all of the areas you need to cover.
Comment and analysis on employment law and HR topics in the news
Keep up-to-date with the news and views on employment law with the Comment and analysis section.

Access the legal round-up each month, giving you the lowdown on the main legislative changes and developments.

Listen to podcasts discussing a range of employment law issues.

Keep track of opinion by reading the CIPD's Survey reports measuring the labour market, employee outlook, employee engagement, talent planning and reward and learning and talent development, as well as CIPD Policy reports and guides.