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Model documents and policies

Downloadable and customisable documents relating to secondment.
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Secondment agreement

 (68 KB)
Last Published: 05 Aug 2016
This agreement covers the issues associated with a secondment: The rights and responsibilities of all parties, including sick and holiday pay, remuneration, responsibilities for management of the secondee (including disciplinary procedures), the length of the secondment and so on.



Letter confirming a secondment

 (52 KB)
Last Modified: 20 Nov 2013
This letter should be used when confirming a secondment and outlines the start date and duration of the secondment. It also acknowledges the organisation's right to terminate the secondment at any time if it is necessary.



Secondment Policy

 (56 KB)
Use this policy to set out the arrangements for employees undertaking a long-term or short-term secondment to another area within the organisation. The policy covers reasons for a secondment, definitions, continuity of service, contractual terms, moving to a different location, payment, bonuses, preparation, overseas secondment, dissatisfaction, early completion, extension, poor performance, return, and redundancy.