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Model documents and policies

Downloadable and customisable documents relating to retirement. For more information see the employment law pages.

Contract clauses


Contract clause on retirement for companies where a fixed retirement age can be objectively justified

 (52 KB)
Last Modified: 01 May 2013
This contract clause is to stipulate a fixed retirement age for a position, where this can be objectively justified, although an alternative date may be agreed with the employee or advised by the company.



Employee form to provide notification of their wish to retire

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Last Modified: 01 Jun 2013
This form is for employees to notify the company of their wish to retire, the proposed date on which they wish to retire, and any request for a phased wind-down.



Letter inviting an employee who has expressed a wish to retire to a meeting to discuss how the retirement will be managed

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Last Modified: 01 Jun 2013
This letter is to invite an employee to a meeting, after their notice of retirement has been accepted, to discuss arrangements for their retirement.

Letter to an employee who has notified their intention to retire confirming final payments and company to be returned

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Last Modified: 27 Jun 2013
This letter confirms the pension arrangements and final payments due to an employee who is approaching their retirement date, and lists the company property they are requested to return.

Response letter to an employee who has provided notification of their wish to retire

 (54 KB)
Last Modified: 01 Jun 2013
This letter acknowledges an employee’s notification of their wish to retire, and either accepts their proposed date or requests additional notice.



Policy on retirement

 (57 KB)
Last Modified: 17 May 2014
Use this policy to explain the organisation's position on when employees can retire and the procedure that employees should follow to notify their employer that they wish to retire. It provides policy options for organisations that have no compulsory retirement age and options for organisations that can objectively justify a fixed retirement age.