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Aligning business and learning: Why now? What's next?

A joint CIPD and Towards Maturity event, July 2014

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Aligning business and learning: Why now? What's next?

Published September 2014

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Report of a joint CIPD and Towards Maturity event in July 2014 which explored how learning and development leaders can achieve greater alignment between business goals and L&D activity. Twenty-three L&D and business leaders attended the event to share their stories and inspire the L&D community to drive change.

Four areas are explored:
  • What do business leaders expect from L&D?
  • How aligned are L&D to strategic goals?
  • The future of L&D
  • Business and learning leaders – a final call to action

 "Top learning companies are better aligned to business needs, working hand in hand with business leaders to ensure that fresh approaches to supporting learning and performance can keep organisations sharp, focused, agile and ahead of the game."