Importance of line managers: well-being and performance

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Importance of line managers : wellbeing and performance

Published January 2012

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Line managers are central to the successful implementation of a wellbeing strategy. They also have a crucial part to play in creating the culture necessary to support a healthy organisation. Recent research for the DWP1 concludes that small changes in the workplace, particularly on the part of line managers and supervisors, can make a big difference to the wellbeing of staff. For example, gestures of thanks, a team lunch or away-day can help to make people feel part of a close-knit and supportive team.

Positive people management can also help rehabilitate people back from sick leave more swiftly; the same research suggests that employees who feel supported by their managers, perhaps including regular but sensitive contact during periods of sickness absence, are more likely to return to work.


  • Introduction
  • Line manager role
  • Training key
  • Line manager competences
  • Line managers and presenteeism
  • Notes

This guide was written and produced by AXA PPP Healthcare and reproduced on the CIPD website with their kind permission.