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Information for CIPD members on developments in UK employment law since January 2014. Covers Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments (SIs), European Directives, Codes of Practice and future proposed legislation.

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    Data Protection Directive reform

    The General Data Protection Regulation introduces a package of data protection reforms and will apply to all member states from 25 May 2018.

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    Posted Workers Directive

    In March 2016 the European Commission adopted a proposal to reform the Posted Workers Directive.

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    Work-life balance proposals

    A proposed revised Maternity Leave Directive was withdrawn in July 2015and the European Commission adopted a Roadmap for improving work-life balance in working families.

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    Consolidation of worker information and consultation directives

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation with the social partners (representatives of employers and employees) on the possible consolidation of the Collective redundancies directive, Acquired rights directive and the Information and consultation of workers directive. The consultation runs from 10 April 2015 to 30 June 2015.

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    Free Movement of Workers Directive

    On 14 April 2014 the European Commission adopted an enforcement Directive to facilitate the free movement of workers in the European Union by preventing discrimination and reducing the incidence of unfair practices.

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    Working Time Directive review

    Adopted November 2003. Details of proposals to revise the Directive, particularly the provisions relating to the 48-hour week opt-out and on-call time.

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    Non-seasonal workers directive

    On 5 February 2014 the European Parliament adopted new rules to regulate the employment of non-EU seasonal workers. Member states have two and a half years to implement them.

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    Equal Treatment of Self Employed Workers directive

    Adopted on 7 July 2010 and implements equal treatment between self-employed men and women. Member states have two years to implement the Directive.