CIPD Podcast 116 - Shared parental leave

Date: 02/08/16 Duration: 00:17:50

In April 2015 the legislation changed to allow expectant mothers to share their maternity leave with their partner. Take up so far, however, has been remarkably and perhaps predictably, low with just 1% of men taking up the opportunity. Research suggests that financial affordability, lack of awareness, and unwillingness from women to share their maternity leave may be behind this low take-up.

In this episode we chat with mum-to-be Ksenia Zheltoukhova, research advisor at CIPD, and her partner Ryan McKelvey about their decision to take advantage of shared leave and what challenges and opportunities it has presented. We also chat with Fiona Martin, Pay and benefits administrator at CIPD, to find out how it works in practice and how HR can support and encourage couples considering shared parental leave.

We’ll be catching up with Ksenia and Ryan throughout the year to see how their experience of shared leave is unfolding.

Would you consider taking shared parental leave? Join in the discussion on Twitter @CIPD using the hashtag #cipdpodcasts.


The transcript will be available soon.

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