CIPD Podcast 117 - Future L&D

Date: 06/09/16 Duration: 00:16:04

Research suggests that 65% of today’s school children will be employed in jobs that have yet to be created. This poses a huge challenge for both HR and L&D professionals. What skills and abilities will you and your workforce will need for the future? How will you manage your talent pipeline for roles that don’t yet exist? How do you prepare your workforce to respond efficiently to changing environments?

In this episode we hear from Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content, CIPD and Nicola Josephs, Senior Executive Advisor, CEB on the challenges and opportunities facing L&D professionals now, and in the future. We also chat with Derek Bruce, Head of International Development, ABN AMRO and Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Programme Lead - Skills and Capabilities, TFL about how their organisations are preparing their employees for the future.

How is your organisation preparing its workforce for the future? Join in the discussion on Twitter @CIPD using the hashtag #cipdpodcasts.


The transcript will be available soon.

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