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Achieving alignment, shared purpose and agility

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Achieving alignment, shared purpose and agility

Published August 2011

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About this download

Who is this tool for?

  • HR and learning and development professionals who want to align values, behaviours and purpose in their organisation

  • HR consultants working with client organisations to build an agile organisation

  • Senior managers and HR executives who are committed to embedding shared purpose to achieve sustained organisational performance.

Benefits of using this tool

For you

  • Apply the findings from the leading-edge Shaping the Future research about achieving alignment, organisational agility and shared purpose for sustained organisation performance.

  • Review the extent to which management behaviours are encouraging alignment, agility and shared purpose.

  • Identify key organisation performance issues where these areas need attention.

For your organisation:

  • Establish a process for developing organisational agility.

  • Ensure clarity about alignment issues that affect organisational performance.

  • Develop sustainable management practices suitable for both challenging economic circumstances and organisational growth situations.

For your people:

  • Establish clarity on how they connect with the organisation’s purpose.

  • Develop an appropriately agile mindset.

  • Enable people to understand organisational priorities and the external pressures faced in order to direct and manage themselves with more awareness and with a focus on well-being.

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