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Employing young people: a step-by-step guide for SMEs

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Employing young people: a step by step guide for SMEs

Published July 2015

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Engaging with young people aged 16–24 can bring all sorts of benefits to your business, including growing your own workforce, employer brand, increased competitiveness and meeting skills gaps. However, for small to medium-sized businesses, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to expand the number of young people you employ.

This practical tool, produced with Apprenticemakers, includes cut out and keep information sheets, checklists and action plans. It will help you explore how and where a young employee could help you address your current and future business challenges as well as provide practical step-by-step advice on finding, employing and managing young people.

"If you’re a business that isn’t used to employing young people, the prospect of doing so
can be daunting; however, in reality it needn’t be.  Engaging with young people makes sound
business sense, providing a way to plan for the future and fill emerging gaps in skills and expertise.”

Content of report

• Introduction
• Why your business should invest in young people – The business case
• The different routes into your business that you can offer young people
• How home-grown talent will fill your future skills gaps
• Recruiting the right young people for your business
• Managing and developing young people
• The practicalities – what you need to have in place when a young person begins
• Case studies from SMEs
• Further resources and acknowledgements

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