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Developing the next generation

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Developing the next generation

Published June 2015

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This report explores how best to develop the next generation to meet business and learner needs. It highlights a range of considerations, both for HR and L&D professionals and business leaders.

The report explores methods of developing 16–24-year-olds in the workplace, and identifies what works and why; which skills do young people enter the workplace with and what’s the most effective way of building their capability? For organisations the report explains how to build the business case for broadening access to employment as well as investment in development to drive organisational performance. It is relevant for anyone working in HR, L&D or a line management role seeking to understand how they can best meet the development needs of the next generation.

"Young people are often maligned for not having the right skills needed in the workplace
and the role of the employer in plugging these gaps is often disputed."

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    1 What does existing research tell us? 
    2 Building the business case for investing in development 
    3 Workplace skills 
    4 Development methods 
    5 Generational learning preferences