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Making maximum impact as an HR professional in an SME

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Making maximum impact as an HR professional in an SME

Published April 2015

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What approaches have other HR professionals taken to maximize their impact? This report pulls together the reflections of HR professionals, business leaders and SME consultants and offers practical guidance on tackling core HR issues. It includes over 20 case studies as well as CIPD survey data which asked 578 senior decision-makers from SMEs across the UK a variety of questions about the HR role in their organisation and their people management approaches.

"The very nature of an SME means you are constantly exposed to every part of the business."

Content of report 
  • Introduction
  • Understanding and setting the expectations for your role
  • Establishing your priorities
  • Making the business case for a people-related initiative
  • Demonstrating your credibility as a key business contributor
  • Personal development as an HR professional
  • CIPD resources and further reading

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