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Absence management 2015

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Absence management 2015

Published October 2015

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In partnership with Simplyhealth

This is the sixteenth annual CIPD Absence Management survey and it explores absence management trends, policy and practice in the UK. The report reviews some of this year’s key findings and considers how organisations can move forward.

The survey shows that 31% of employers have seen an increase in so-called ‘presenteeism’ in the last 12 months. It also shows that presenteeism is more likely to have increased where there is a culture of working long hours are seen to be the norm and where operational demands take precedence over employee well-being.

‘Creating a culture of health and well-being is the greatest challenge for organisations.’

Content of the report

Foreword from the CIPD
Foreword from Simplyhealth
Summary of key findings

  1. Level of employee absence
  2. The cost of absence
  3. Causes of absence
  4. Managing absence
  5. Work-related stress and mental health
  6. Employee well-being

Background to the survey
Futher sources of information

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