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Employee Outlook: Focus on commuting and flexible working

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Employee Outlook: Focus on commuting and flexible working

Published April 2016

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The survey found that flexible workers are more satisfied with their jobs, report better work–life balance and less exposure to excessive pressure at work. The report calls for employers to recognise the business case for increasing the use of flexible working which can be a win–win for both the organisation and the individual. The role of senior and line managers in shaping organisational culture and enabling more flexible ways of working are key to unlocking the full potential of flexible working.

'The use of flexible working has a big impact on employees’ attitudes to
work–life balance, with 65% of flexible workers satisfied or very satisfied
with their work–life balance compared with 47% of employees who don’t work flexibly.'

Content of report
  • Key findings 
  • Causes of life stress 
  • Job satisfaction, pressure at work and work-life balance 
  • Flexible working 
  • Commuting to work 
  • Conclusions 
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