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Employee Outlook: Focus on managers

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Employee Outlook: Focus on managers

Published December 2014

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This focus report considers how some line manager behaviours and high performance working practices interact with each other, and how these interactions reinforce or undermine some employee outcomes, such as motivation, organisational commitment and job satisfaction. Top level findings reveal that satisfaction levels have increased across all the sectors from 64% of employees satisfied or very satisfied in spring 2012 to 67% of employees satisfied or very satisfied in spring 2014.

"Not having a performance review is better for employees’
motivation and job satisfaction than having a poor performance
review experience, even when they get a pay rise."

Content of the report

  • Overview 
  • Quality of line management
  • Time spent with the line manager
  • Performance management and pay
  • Work organisation
  • Conclusions
  • Background to the survey
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