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HR Outlook: Winter 2015-16: leaders' views of our profession

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HR Outlook: Winter 2015-16: leaders' views of our profession

Published February 2016

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HR Outlook, produced in association with Workday, provides insight and expert commentary about HR’s current and future contribution to business performance. We compare the views of HR and non-HR leaders on key people-related issues to highlight prominent trends, stimulate discussion, and move on the debate about HR’s role.

The findings show a clear alignment of views about what the organisation’s strategic priorities are. However there are also some areas of disconnect, including about HR’s use of analytics and the technology-related issues each group is focusing on. In the report we draw out five key insights about what the findings mean for HR, and also some practical reflection points to help you assess your own HR team’s impact and strategy.

Content of the report

The report structure
The research

  1. Our strategic priorities are aligned
  2. A difference of opinion about HR’s strategic contribution
  3. HR analytics
  4. Employee well-being
  5. Talent management
  6. Performance management
  7. Technology

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'Two-thirds of HR leaders agree that predictive analytics will be a standard HR capability within ten years.'


Outlook series

Draws on a range of perspectives and offers unique insight and commentary on workplace issues.