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Managing an age-diverse workforce: employer and employee views

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Managing an age-diverse workforce: employer and employee views

Published March 2014

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In winter 2013–14, the CIPD explored issues relating to managing an age-diverse workforce in both our Employee Outlook and Labour Market Outlook surveys (with samples of 2,691 and 935 respectively across private, public and not-for-profit sectors). The result is this combined overview of the findings comparing employee and employer/HR perspectives on this important topic.

This report explores some of the key issues of managing an age-diverse workforce. Some encouraging findings are that both HR professionals and employees recognise the benefits that age-diverse teams can bring to businesses and particularly highlight knowledge-sharing and the diverse perspectives this brings.

However, the research also suggests that HR tends to respond to ageing population issues in general in a reactive way. There is a lack of organisational activity and attention to ensuring enough skilled and diverse people of all ages are currently being recruited. Similarly managers are ill-equiped to promote teamwork in age-diverse teams.

"While the number of young people in employment might well decline in the coming two decades,
the principal change will be a much larger number of older workers seeking to extend their
working lives – by choice or necessity – into older age than recent generations."

Contents of the report
  • Summary of key findings
  • Setting the context: how population ageing is heightening the need to manage an age-diverse workforce
  • The survey findings

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