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Preparing for the future of learning: a changing perspective for L&D leaders

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Preparing for The Future of Learning: A Changing Perspective for L&D Leaders

Published May 2016

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This report, produced by Towards Maturity and sponsored by CIPD, presents the evidence for leaders in learning and development to reflect on changing approaches to workplace learning and consider the skills they need for the future. It aims to stimulate action amongst L&D professionals around the globe that will:

  • Inspire them to embrace the increasingly self-directed nature of today’s learners
  • Harness the potential for learning innovation through technology
  • Modernise their approach to developing the skills they need to facilitate social and experiential learning
  • Help them to engage with business leaders and enhance business performance 

Content of the report


Progress update
Digital progress
Skills priorities for L&D
Where does L&D sit within the business?
Concluding observations 

Integrating learning and work
Providing solutions to business problems
Moving beyond the course to get closer to the business
Evidence-based teaching and learning
Concluding observations

Customer-activated learning strategy
Understanding learners
Empowering learners
Concluding observations

Equipping L&D for the future of learning
Addressing skills gaps
The dangers of ignoring technology
L&D professionals as collaborative learners
The impact of investing in L&D skills
The benefits of CPD
How are L&D professionals learning on-the-job?
Concluding observations

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