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Resourcing and talent planning 2015

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Resourcing and talent planning 2015

Published June 2015

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The Resourcing and talent planning survey report, produced in partnership with Hays, provides HR professionals and their organisations with benchmarking data on recruitment costs, resourcing and talent management practice and employee turnover.

The survey, now in its nineteenth year, highlights that talent management is becoming a higher priority for CEOs and many organisations are having to look externally to meet the changing skills needed in-house. 

"What is clear is that organisations that fail to prioritise talent
management risk losing out as demand for key skills escalates."

Content of the report

Summary of key findings

Resourcing and talent management in the current economy
  •  Make or buy? 
  •  Growing demand for labour 
  •  Availability of labour 
  •  Recruitment difficulties 
  •  Addressing recruitment difficulties
Attracting employees
  • Employer brand
  • Case study: L’Oreal
  • Diversity
  • An age-diverse workforce
  • Case study: Timpson Group (Timpson & Max Spielmann)
The recruitment process
  • Sourcing candidates
  • Selecting candidates
  • Case study: Xtravirt
  • Candidates’ integrity and behaviour
  • Recruitment costs
Talent management
  • Talent management spend
  • Retaining employees
  • Cost of labour turnover


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Infographic RTP

The importance of competencies in determining pay progression has increased from 50% in 2011 to 64% in 2014. The importance of skills has also increased from 44% to 60% in the same period.


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