CIPD Voice - 17 October 2016

Government must address imbalance between university and vocational education

New CIPD research investigating alternative routes into work reveals that government’s preoccupation with sending more and more students into Higher Education may be misplaced. The report investigates a number of careers and professions that have seen a large increase in the proportion of graduates doing them in recent decades, finding that alternative routes to going to university are possible in order to access them, which often incur a lower cost on the learner. In this article, Ben Willmott provides an overview of the research, arguing that government should consider investing more money in vocation education rather than HE, as doing so may result in better outcomes for learners and government.

Government must address imbalance between university and vocational education


New research

This research report from the CIPD explores individuals’ and employers' attitudes towards employability and responsibilities for career development in the UK.


New research

This survey, published in July 2016, finds that more than three people in ten (31%) have experienced mental health problems while in employment. This figure is higher for female employees at 36% and 46% in respect of people working in the voluntary sector. Despite the greater awareness about the need to pay attention to the psychological, as well as the physical, aspects of people’s health and well-being at work, our survey shows that there is some way to go before the majority of employers develop a robust framework in this area. If people have good mental health, and feel supported during times of poor mental health, they will feel more motivated, engaged and productive at work. Employers cannot afford to ignore people’s mental health in the workplace.


Media spot

In this podcast we hear from Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content, CIPD and Nicola Josephs, Senior Executive Advisor, CEB on the challenges and opportunities facing L&D professionals now, and in the future. We also chat with Derek Bruce, Head of International Development, ABN AMRO and Alexandra Bode-Tunji, Programme Lead - Skills and Capabilities, TFL about how their organisations are preparing their employees for the future.



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