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Welcome to the Gibraltar Group

Our aim is to raise the profile of HR in Gibraltar. 

Our Group provides both direct and indirect benefits to its members through various means, including opportunities to network, collaborate, and share ideas with other HR professionals via regular meetings and our LinkedIn page. 

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about HR. We have an elected committee made up of volunteers who bring with them considerable HR experience across diverse industries in both the public and private sectors.

In this area you will find information about our future events, local and international related articles and updates on what the group is up to.

About us

The Gibraltar HR Forum was founded in 2000 to provide an open forum for HR practitioners and the original intention was to enable opportunities for an exchange of information, support new comers, promote goods and services that would be of use to HR functions and form a professional body that would represent HR interests and best practice. This is still true today and our aim is to raise the profile of the Human Resource Profession in Gibraltar and sustain the best human resource management and development practices.

We provide networking of products, services and expertise between members coordinated by The Committee. Members have the opportunity to input ideas and raise issues that need to be addressed in the area of human resource management and development.

An important part of the group’s activities are the seminars and training activities delivered by professional speakers and local HR Practitioners on subjects directly related to continued professional development and the ongoing continuous review of HR best practice, including legislative changes both locally and in the UK.

Our purpose:

We seek to provide both direct and indirect benefits to our members through:

  • opportunities for HR professionals to meet, share experiences and discuss challenging issues in the work environment
  • networking of products, services and expertise between members coordinated by the members
  • the opportunity to have a voice in local HR matters at both organisational and national levels
  • commissioning of research projects on important issues affecting employing organisations. Results are fed back to members
  • seminars and training activities provided by professional speakers on subjects directly related to promoting best practice in human resource management, at reduced rates for members.

The committee for 2016/17

Chair: Lesley Louise

Vice Chair: Kathleen Wilkes

Secretary: Karen Mulhearn

Treasurer: Jo Abergel

Committee Members: Sue Beresford, Darrien Ramos, Jay Gomez, Tonia Symington


We plan a series of events throughout the year on various subjects of interest to the HR profession and relevant to Gibraltar. These are organised by the committee members on a voluntary basis and are usually free to Gibraltar Group members. Individuals from the wider business community are welcome and encouraged to attend the events.

These events include question and answer sessions such as the Payroll and Tax Issues held last September, presentations by external speakers on HR issues such as David D’Souza’s entertaining talk on “The Future of Technology at Work, Are We All Destined to Become Robots?” and group case studies.

We alternate the events between breakfast and lunch sessions to try and suit group members.

Over the last few years we have run two full day conferences with keynote speakers from the UK and local speakers. The first was “Working towards Workplace Resolution” and the second was “Humanising the Workplace”. Both conferences were fully subscribed. The next full day conference which we are working on will be early 2017. We are always happy to hear from anyone in the HR community who would like to volunteer to assist in the mammoth task of delivering our local conference.

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