Cupid’s arrow is hitting its target in the workplace with one in five employees having married a colleague.
A further 43 per cent of workers admitted to dating someone in their office at least once during their careers, according to Office Romance 2007, a survey of 420 workers and 220 hiring managers.
Women are more likely than men to date their bosses, with 20 per cent admitting to doing it at least once during their careers, compared with 5 per cent of men.
Poor work-life balance often the reason why love blossoms so readily over the water-cooler. “Forty-five percent of workers report an increase in their workloads resulting in spending longer hours with colleagues, which could lead to more office romances,” said Rosemary Haefner, vice-president human resources of, which conducted the research.
But she warned that there could be a darker side to Cupid’s bow. “It’s important to remember that even if both sides are willing participants, office relationships could have repercussions,” she said. “Policies on office romance vary from company to company, and it’s the responsibility of individuals to know where their employer stands.”