Research tells us that strategic talent practices are strongly tied to improved corporate performance.

Even though this important connection has been proven to exist, many HR professionals struggle to formulate a talent management strategy that maps out their goals and priorities for the year and ties these to their organisation’s strategic plan and goals.   

If you’re interested in getting some great insight on how to align your talent management strategy to your organisational strategy in order to successfully execute on your business plans this year, have a look at this Talent Strategy Playbook.

The playbook includes a set of four expert resources to help you succeed:

  1. Template: Strategic talent management plan
    Draft your own HR talent management strategy using this step-by-step guide with fill-in-the-blank tables.
  2. Article: Answering your CEO’s questions
    Explore the best way to address your C-Suite’s most pressing questions about your company’s talent.
  3. Presentation: Aligning your talent strategy to your business strategy
    See how your talent management strategy is key to achieving business results.
  4. Video: How to bring your talent strategy into your business strategy
    HR Guru Sharlyn Lauby talks about three things you can do to bring your talent strategy into your business strategy.

Download the playbook

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