Once thought of as a way to get more out of employees, today’s performance management is about helping people, and teams, be their best. It’s a process that includes setting goals that align to the organisation’s goals. It ensures people build the competencies they need to succeed in their role. And there’s a strong focus on giving people opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

All of this is only possible through conversations and feedback from managers, peers and others in the organisation. Managers play a key role by having regular check-ins to discuss needs, expectations and barriers to progress. These conversations give the employee the chance to better understand their role within the bigger picture of what the organisation is working to do and how their role contributes to achieving those goals.

Having a two-way exchange of information builds trust, connection and acceptance, making it possible for managers to have better relationships with the people they’re leading. And when people feel valued for their contribution, they’ll be more engaged and productive.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You can build this kind of performance management programme in your organisation. We’ve put together a guidebook that walks you through the steps to get support, design the programme and roll it out. The guidebook includes everything you need from resources and advice, to tools and worksheets you can customise to meet your needs.

Download the guidebook.

This is the kind of performance management people will love. Do you want to get started helping people to be their best? Halogen makes it easy to align employee goals with business objectives, promote growth and development, and build manager-employee relationships. Find out more about our performance management solutions or book a product demonstration of Halogen TalentSpaceTM today.