The top stories from People Management’s international websites

1. UAE’s tourism sector to create 18,000 jobs this year

A report by the World Travel & Tourism Council has predicted that the UAE will create 18,000 travel and tourism jobs in 2017. The trend could continue further into the future, with a 2.4 per cent increase in jobs each year, which would mean 410,000 extra tourism roles by 2027. Expo 2020 is helping to boost the sector, with lots of new hotels being built in preparation for the event.  

2. 281,000 more women working in Saudi Arabia’s private sector than four years ago

The huge rise of 130 per per cent emerged in data published last week by the kingdom’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development. The proportion of women working in the private sector has also increased from 12 per cent in 2011 to 30 per cent in 2017.

3. Allegations of HSBC Malaysia forcing staff to take redundancy

A workers’ union for bank employees has alleged that HSBC Malaysia is forcing some of its lower-income senior staff to leave through its voluntary separation scheme. However, employees who have involuntarily taken redundancy also claim they are being replaced by new hires.

4. Mental health problems are on the rise among expats in Asia

According to a recent white paper by insurance provider Aetna International, cases of depression and anxiety have risen significantly over the past two years. People Management spoke to experts who suggested that there is plenty HR can do, from helping the relocation process to including mental health in medical insurance.

5. Have you thought about trying a new recruitment process?

There’s more than one way to catch a fish, as the saying goes, and there’s also more than one way to find your perfect candidate. From chatbots in the initial stages of candidate selection to targeting customers as potential employees, People Management looks at some of the more innovative ways to hire.