Professional qualifications have a hugely positive impact on an individual’s development, job satisfaction and future career success. With many employees seeking business funding for their studies, here are five reasons successful businesses choose to invest in online qualifications for their staff:

       1. Exceptional performance

Great people management and development is vital to unlocking employee performance and cultural change. AVADO’s learning experiences are designed to deliver performance improvements that can be immediately applied in the workplace, generating return on investment from the start.

       2.Access to experts

Rather than learning from a single classroom tutor, an online qualification from AVADO gives learners access to a range of subject-matter experts who share cutting-edge industry insight that can’t be found elsewhere.

       3. Time efficient

Online learners enjoy the benefits of live tutor-led sessions and collaborative learning without the cost and time out of work required by travelling to training centres. AVADO’s guided structure also lets learners plan around busy work and home schedules for a better chance of success.

      4. Digital confidence

As well as developing knowledge, employees experience first-hand modern digital learning methods that they can apply in the workplace. Ninety-six per cent of AVADO graduates feel more confident in their digital skills.

      5. Global access

For a dispersed workforce, including remote workers and international offices, online programmes allow employers to offer consistently high-standard qualifications. AVADO’s courses are globally accessible and allow learners to network with professionals from a range of industries and locations, increasing knowledge sharing.

Online learning enables employees to develop their knowledge and skills in an enjoyable, highly efficient and cost-effective way. To find out more, visit or choose from one of our award-winning courses:

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