EU Briefings

EU Briefings highlight the CIPD’s most recent policy positions and research in relation to key EU employment-related developments. We produce comprehensive research across the world of work to ensure that employers and employees can benefit from better workplace policy and legislation throughout Europe.
  • How can European workplaces create longer, more fulfilling working lives?

      Publication date: June 2016

    Examines the main policy and practice issues that governments and employers need to consider to support the changing needs and aspirations of older workers.

  • Promoting health and well-being in European workplaces

      Publication date: April 2016

    Examines the state of workers’ health and well-being across Europe, and how the Commission and other European agencies aim to improve workplace well-being. Following the launch of our major research and policy well-being programme, we apply some key lessons to help build healthier workplaces in Europe.

  • Time to strengthen the policy focus on working carers

      Publication date: February 2016

    Summarises early findings of a study of the policy frameworks and initiatives in five European countries which support older workers, especially those in caring role at home. Highlights areas where policy-makers and employers need to take action.

  • The productivity challenge: unlocking workplace potential

      Publication date: December 2015

    Compares productivity levels across EU countries and draws on CIPD research to suggest which HR and management practices can improve business performance and boost productivity.

  • Closing the gender pay gap: how can we speed up progress?

      Publication date: October 2015

    Examines the different approaches that European countries are taking to close the gender pay gap, highlighting the UK Government's pay transparency plans.

  • Gender diversity on boards: do quota systems work?

      Publication date: June 2015

    Draws on evidence from a CIPD survey and literature review to explore views on quota systems for increasing the number of woman at board level.

  • Flexicurity: does employment protection = employment security?

      Publication date: March 2015

    Highlights key findings for EU member states from a comparative study across OECD countries of the relationship between employment protection legislation and job and employment security for workers.

  • Encouraging enterprise in education

      Publication date: January 2015

    Looks at how some UK education providers are embracing the challenge of integrating entrepreneurial learning and skills in education and training.

  • The impact of EU migrant labour in the UK

      Publication date: September 2014

    Informs the debate on the impact of increasing EU migrant workers on the UK labour market, and particularly on young UK-born workers.