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Managing future talent

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Managing Future Talent: how do you create workplaces that give young employees the opportunity to thrive?

Published February 2014

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Our Learning to Work programme has advised employers on the business benefits of hiring young people and attracting, selecting and recruiting from a wide and diverse talent pool using youth-friendly methods and practices. This guide for employers, produced with Acas and unionlearn, represents the next stage in the journey, by offering practical tips and advice to line managers looking to create workplaces that give young employees the opportunity to thrive.
For a young person, the experience of entering the workplace and adjusting to working life, perhaps for the first time, can be a daunting prospect. As a result, the role of the line manager is crucial to ensuring the right level of support is provided to help younger, inexperienced employees develop skills and expertise, grow in confidence and, in the longer-term, flourish in their new role and contribute to business’s successes. There are benefits for line managers and wider teams too, as bringing more young people into organisations opens up development opportunities for existing staff to hone their professional and personal skills and help grow skilled and committed employees of the future, which can bring personal satisfaction and sense of pride.

Drawing on in-depth interviews and best practice case studies with employers across a range of sectors and industries, the guide provides step-by-step guidance and explores good practice for managing young people in age-diverse teams. Covering topics including introducing a young person to the world of work, tips on providing structure and opportunities and methods for supporting a young person as they develop, the guide aims to help anyone looking to expand the number of young people joining their organisation.
Contents of the report
  • Introduction to the world of work – learning the ropes
  • Providing structure and good communication
  • Developing and supporting a young person
  • Other sources of support