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Opportunity through work: a manifesto for London

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Opportunity through work: A manifesto for London

Published April 2016

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At the CIPD, our mission is to champion better work and working lives. We’ve produced this manifesto ahead of the London elections which, we believe, does this and encourages the Mayor and City Hall to do the same. We are calling upon the next Mayor of London to:

  • Boost productivity and skills utilisation in the London labour market – by encouraging a stronger focus through the London Enterprise Panel on employer demand for skills and skills utilisation, line management capability, greater workplace development and investment in skills, and encouraging the building of the high-performance workplaces that London needs to maintain its place as a leading global business hub.
  • Support opportunities that enable people across the age demographic to succeed in London’s competitive labour market – by championing lifelong learning through the provision of further education (FE), facilitating high-quality careers information, advice and guidance (IAG) that links jobs with local labour market needs, and supporting SMEs in offering more high-quality apprenticeships.
  • Champion flexible working in London – through a London-wide campaign to create a step-change in the uptake of flexible working over the next four years, as well as investing in the capital’s broadband and relevant infrastructure.
  • Support efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in London’s workplaces – by ensuring that all those who wish to access London’s labour market are able to do so by encouraging organisations to adopt inclusive recruitment policies such as ‘characteristics-blind’ recruitment so that issues such as ethnicity, disabilities, race and class are not barriers to labour market participation.
  • Encourage London’s biggest organisations to take a long-term, people-focused approach to corporate governance – by supporting our call for improved reporting of human capital management data and encouraging better standards of narrative reporting, organisational culture and how well companies are led and managed to provide greater visibility and transparency.
  • Protect the lowest paid in London – by encouraging those businesses who are able to pay the London Living Wage (LLW) to do so.
  • Incentivise London’s businesses to implement their own workplace well-being strategies – using tax and other incentives to encourage employers to develop well-being solutions, integrating workplace health with the health of the community.
This is our manifesto for London, an agenda that we hope will shape the future of work, our future workforce and our workplaces, for the benefit of our organisations, our people and our wider economy and society – because what’s good for business should be good for people, and vice versa.