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Opportunity through work: a manifesto for Scotland

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Opportunity through work: a manifesto for Scotland

Published February 2016

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At the CIPD, our mission is to champion better work and working lives. We’ve produced a manifesto which we believe does this, and which encourages the next Scottish Government to do the same. This manifesto sets calls upon the next government to:

  • Boost productivity and skills utilisation throughout the Scottish labour market – by encouraging more workplace development and investment in skills
  • Strengthen initiatives which enable young people to succeed in the labour market – through high-quality apprenticeships and building stronger relationships between education and business 
  • Develop a supportive and sustainable welfare system which helps to include everyone in the world of work - by tackling inactive and discouraged workers through the development of a four-tiered approach to inclusion in the labour market
  • Encourage greater diversity in the workplace – by using ‘blind’ shortlists to ensure that issues of ethnicity, race and class are not barriers to participation and accelerate the proportion of women on Scottish corporate boards and public agencies
  • Protect the lowest paid in society – by continuing to pursue the National Living Wage, link future increases in the National Minimum Wage more explicitly to the changing rate of inflation and provide greater rights and job security for flexible workers

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