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Social mobility - top tips for HR professionals

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Social mobility - top tips for HR professionals

Published November 2013

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Improving social mobility - an individual's ability to do well and progress regardless of their background - is a key issue for society. However, it is also increasingly important for organisations who need to ensure they have the right skills, by fishing in a wider talent pool. The business case for having a more diverse workforce is clear, but reaching out to a different demographic is not easy, in particular in a world where awareness and access to opportunity is still depending on parental income and educational pathways.

This leaflet aims to highlight some ways by which organisations can access and develop a broader talent pool. Much of this is about connecting with young people as early as possible to provide insight into the different labour market opportunities available and build their capability to access those. This is a key issue for the CIPD Learning to Work programme, which aims to achieve a step-change in employer engagement with young people.

The top tips outlined in this leaflet form part of the introduction to a wider Social Mobility Toolkit produced by Professions for Good, a collaboration of the bodies responsible for the entry policy, professional standards and qualifications across many of the UK’s largest professions. The CIPD is a member of Professions for Good and Peter Cheese has provided a foreword to this toolkit. The full Social Mobility Toolkit can be accessed via the Professions for Good website.

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